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N. M. Kondylis & Partners Law Office

- Legal services with respect to the Client

Welcome to the official webpage of  Nikolaos M. Kondylis & Partners Law Office. Our Law Office, which is located in Athens, Greece, is a full service law firm, providing a full range of legal services in all fields of the legal practice, inc. corporate - business law, contracts, debt collection, tax law, intellectual property, real estate, public - administrative law and litigation. The Lawyers of our law firm are willing and capable to defend and protect your rights with professionalism and dedication.  Our experience and professional background will help our clients reach their goals, covering their legal needs and solving their legal disputes in the most advantageous way. Our legal team is ready to talk with you and meet your legal challenges.


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"Ius civile vigilantibus scriptum est",


Roman Law  Civil Law has been written for the watchful.

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Main Legal Practice Areas:


Commercial & Business Law -



Our Law Office covers your legal needs on all areas of Corporate / Commercial Law. Companies need a strong and trustworthy team to rely on.  The knowledge and the experience of our legal professionals is a guarantee for your company.  Our services include debt collection, contracts, company formation, legal representation & management, tax policy & corporate taxation, banking & finance,  intellectual and industrial property inc. patents, trademarks, logos and domain names, antitrust, competition, real estate, negotiations, non-judicial remedies and of course litigation.


Public / Administrative Law -

Human Rights (E.C.H.R.)


The rule of Law and the respect of legality are the main principles under which the Administration should act. Nevertheless, the wrong, incomplete or unjust implementation of the legal provisions might often frustrate one's rights. In such cases, the administrative acts (unilateral / individual, administrative contracts, regulatory acts, administrative omissions, etc.) can be challenged before the competent administrative courts in order to be cancelled or reviewed. Our Law Office, which specialises in this sector as well as in human rights (E.C.H.R.), has a longstanding experience on these cases.


Negotiations &

Non-judicial remedies


Non judicial remedies are becoming a common way of dispute resolution, especially in cases that the other party is ready to negotiate. In such cases, the necessary preparations are made as we a.) objectively analyze our clients’ position by indicating the positive and negative points of the case, b.) estimate the severity of the case and c.) work on the plan that is to be followed by the negotiations' team in order to convince the adversary party follow the proposed solutions.


Litigation / Court Procedures


Litigation before the competent state or arbitration courts of the proper jurisdiction is sometimes inevitable when negotiations fail. In such a case, you need a team of experts to rely on, being able to protect your interests in the most beneficial and effective way. Our experience on dispute management and litigation will be an effective “remedy” to your problems.


Intellectual Property


Greek Laws offer a full administrative and judicial protection for all kind of mind creations. Common types of intellectual property rights protected under the domestic and international laws include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights. For the different kinds of protection inc. registration, you have to consult our relevant department.



Investments & Legal consulting


Are you going to invest in Greece? Our legal team in co-operation with market experts, will help you find the best legal solutions (real estate, business plans, incorporating etc) and fulfill your plans in the most prosperous way. Take advantage of the current opportunities and choose with our legal help the best solutions for you and your company. Our Law Office specialises in the Golden Visa procedures  (official residence pemit program).